lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Heavy Work

El Pe$o del Trabajo. It all started with news about Volcom looking for designers to make some drawings for t-shirts. A contest, so me and Gian Carlos got on a mission to provide something and win the chance of having our own Volcom tshirt design. Gian C. came out with this! It symbolizes our back breaking roles in the BB warehouse job. Carring an elephant via HandTruck. Mine was a little bit of a joke for them because I had the feeling that our designs were not good enough for the assholes at volcom. I literally jerked off and shoot a photo of it and made an abstract monster look-a like design but they didn't seem to like it because we did not get a reply or even a thank you email.

3 comentarios:

  1. a fuego BIATCH with volcom and the BB warehouse!!!
    420 mob FOR EVER...

    pa' lante+

  2. BB Warehouse! RIP 5.15MOB NeverForget.

  3. Le hubiesen escrito Volcom con un palito a un mojón y al menos los hubiesen indignados.. Bueno.. tal vez hasta ganaban el contest.

    Volcom, RVCA la monta más que tu.